Bathed in the bright Greek sunlight during the day and with large sliding windows defining its seasonal character, the all-day restaurant Nobilis is undoubtedly the new hot arrival in the gastronomic scene of Athens.
Nobilis offers indoor and outdoor seating options and a friendly, fine dining experience. Chef Konstantina Faklari‘s Mediterranean menu provides a modern interpretation of the Greek culinary tradition, expressing her profound love and respect for Hellenic cuisine. It should come as no surprise after dining at Nobilis, that Chef Faklari has traveled extensively. Her menu delicately utilizes the best ingredients and tastes from around the globe, providing a fresh, modern take on the traditions of Greek cooking. This menu has gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Opening Hours daily 7.00 am – 01.00 am
*Kindly note that our kitchen receives orders by 11.30pm
*Operating hours and spaces availability may change. Please contact us.

Contact Us
T. +30 210 220 1700
E. info@sayhotel.gr


Starting from 7am, Nobilis welcomes guests with a farm-to-table breakfast buffet. This is where locally sourced ingredients, classic options, strong flavors and bold originality merge to complete your overall STAY HOTEL experience.

Lunch - Dinner

Nobilis has an all-day dining concept with a refined à la carte lunch menu, inspired by the most famous Greek dishes and Mediterranean culinary philosophy. In the evening, Nobilis’ chic atmosphere, its fusion gourmet food as well as its luxurious service will evoke a true feeling of nobility, which is exactly why the restaurant is called Nobillis—After all, “nobilis” does mean “noble.”

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